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Full Version: Touch action for "Scroll Down or Turn Page if at Bottom"
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I recently changed my preferred display mode from "Fit Screen" to "Vertical Scrolling" and I like the option that i can easily switch to the next or previous page as well as scroll up and down by a half (or a third) of a page.
That was easy to set up in the Pedal Action Settings, see attached screenshot.
It works great when I'm sitting at my desk for practising with a computer keyboard attached and should also work fine with a four button bluetooth pedal (I did not try that yet).

In cases when I only use the tablet without anything else I really miss touch actions for "Scroll Up or Turn Page if at Top" and "Scroll Down or Turn Page if at Bottom". My preferences would be "Top Center" and "Bottom Center". I could not find a possiblity to configure that.
Sure, I can move the page up and down with my finger, but that takes too long and needs too much concentration to move it the right amount while playing.
My preferred view has been the vertical scrolling for a long time. I'm not quite sure if I mean the same as you, but I miss a scrolling to the top/bottom (better even an adjustable percentage of the shown page) as well. The normal page turning works of course, but I have often have cut parts so I have 2 or 3 pages in one view pages which I'd like to turn/scroll as one page.

BTW, is it possible to expand this vertical scrolling view to the double page view as well? This would be nice for the same reason with cut pages.
These attachments should clarify what I want.
Here I use up / down / right / left arrows on the computer keyboard.
I would like to configure touch actions to do the same.
I can certainly look into supporting what you have requested. If I allow those scroll actions to be selected on the touch action settings screen, I'll also have to show the relevant settings for adjusting the scroll amount and such, so that the scrolling can be adjusted on other screen. I don't think it makes sense to support different settings for triggering the scrolls with a touch action versus pedal action, so the settings will be shared between the two.

BRX - Is it possible? Sure, anything is possible. It won't be that easy to implement, as it will combine all of the complexity of both display modes, but it's certainly something I can work on for a future update. I do plan on supporting additional display modes, such as a three page display mode for users on large monitors (and potentially a four page display mode), so I can work on this at the same time.

I fully agree that sharing the settings for scroll amount and such is the way to go.
I cannot imagine a case where different settings for touch action and pedal action might make sense.
Any plans by now to support these touch actions?
I'll see if I can slip them into an update.

Thank you, that would be really great.
During the corona pandemic it has become common to sit around a table jamming with fellow musicians. No stage, no computer keyboard, no foot pedal. Just my accordion and my tablet, trying new songs. That's when I miss this feature the most.
I've implemented the changes for version 3.4.4 so you'll be able utilize the feature within the next few days. Happy to introduce features like this when it doesn't involve a huge level of effort.

Glad to here that it did not cause a lot of effort for you.
For me that's really precious and improves the way I turn pages a lot.
Many thanks.
Getting you the features you need is the least I can do for your continued support.

Thanks a lot, itsme, for that request, and thanks a lot for implementing this, Mike! Works like a charm.

It'll save my life on stage when fiddling around with the pedal and not correctly hitting it in the right place - or encountering a malfunction! As a piano player with a 2-kbd setup, I have ~6 pedals underneath the instrument - widely spread around.