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Full Version: Vertical Scrolling Hiccup
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Hi Mike

Most of my songs are single page and the default Display Mode is set to Single Page.
Some songs are 2 pages and have their Display Mode set to Vertical Scrolling

While changing a new double page song to vertical scrolling, I seem to have applied this to all songs in the library!

I suspect that this is because I changed the Default Setting and not the Song Setting and then pressed OK (exact sequence a bit fuzzy because I did it 2 days ago).

May I ask that when MSP is going to apply the changes to multiple songs, it requests confirmation that this is what the user is doing?.

In my case, it shouldn't be too difficult to fix (set library default to Single page and then identify/fix 2 page songs) but others might have various settings on their songs.

If you change the default display mode dropdown, that changes one global setting - that does not change settings for any individual songs. If you uncheck "Use default display mode for song" and then you change the default display mode and tap "Apply to" and select what to apply those changes to, that is the only way other songs in the library will be impacted. 

Thanks for the clarification Mike

The "Apply To" dialog doesn't have a cancel option (I would it to as it eliminates uncertainty)
Do the Apply To choices toggle on/off?  (on reflection, I expect they do)
Do the choices work immediately or only when the ok is selected? 

Having modified the 2 page song to vertical scrolling, I get the top of the next "single" page song displayed at the bottom of the screen. Do I have to get rid of this by using the crop tool on the two page song or is there something else I should have set?

Press the back button on your device or just tap outside the dialog to dismiss/cancel it. That is how most dialogs work on Android. The Apply To options do not toggle on/off - they immediately execute logic when pressed that updates the database for every song you applied the changes to, modifying their settings. It's not really designed to be a toggle. 

I'm a little confused by your last question - all pages are stacked vertically when using the vertical scrolling display mode. You can't have songs separated in that display mode - there is no support for that. If you want to use the vertical scrolling display mode in that way, you'd need to uncheck "Always Load Whole Setlist", check "Automatically Load Next Song", and then each song will be loaded individually but when you page past the last page in the song, it will switch to the next song.

I know that you can use the back button to cancel the dialog but I still think there should be a Cancel button because it is not obvious that the change is immediate once a selection is made (if it was, I wouldn't have raised this query). Alternatively, as it can affect many songs and it is not an operation that is likely to be performed often, a confirmation dialog would be nice.

I do have Automatically Load Next Song and Always Load Whole Setlist checked but I've never noticed before that the top of the song following a "vertical page song" is shown. It reverts back to normal for the subsequent songs - I suppose they might just happen to fill up a page.