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Full Version: Additional ChordPro text properties
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Separate size settings for comments has been requested here:
I would extend that feature request to allowing separate settings for a number of ChordPro text formats:
title, subtitle, chorus, tab, comment, comment_italic, comment_box (maybe even more)
and not only the size but also font, color, highlight color, bold, italic and so on.
You have already mentioned that all these settings won't fit on the current text settings dialog. A possible solution is already available in MSP: a follow up window as the one that is opened by the little triangle bottom right of the text tool button "T" of the annotation window.
Replacing the text sliders in the text display settings with up/down arrows or a simple number input field would take much less space and make room for more controls.
Overall: kind of a big redesign of the text file settings dialog and available text properties.
Hopefully you can find the time for ChordPro improvements like that as soon as the iPad version is released.
I will certainly dedicate time after the iOS version is released to a major update for chord pro, as there are a lot of things I've promised that I really want to add such as chord grid support, pango markup syntax support, and enhancements such as what you've proposed.

Great. I'm looking curiously forward to testing new features.
Great News
Thx a lot
I'm also supporting this feature request for advanced styling of chordpro sections.

Also adding to the list of styling settings: the ability to hide the "Chorus" keyword or verse names. For example, I would like to render the chorus section in italic or bold font, and remove the "Chorus" word which takes some useless space on the screen (on small screens like smartphones, it is better to optimize the use of space on the screen so that we can use a larger font size).