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Full Version: My Mobilesheets Setup
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I thought some members would like to see how I use Mobilesheets.
I use a Yamaha Genos with a Casio CDP-S110 Digital Piano linked to the top keyboard via a Midi USB Host.
Studiologic MP113 Bass Pedals are linked to the Genos via 5 PIN Midi.
My Mobilesheets setup is a small PC Notebook running the software and this is linked to a 24" Touch Screen Monitor.
The Monitor is mounted to a Custom made Bracket that I designed and is bolted to the metal Keyboard Stand.
I also designed a Bracket to fit to the Monitor so that I can still use the Monitor as a conventional Music Stand with sheet music etc
The Touch Screen Monitor works brilliantly with Mobile sheets .
Hope you like it.


[Image: PXL-20220205-135040354-MP.jpg]

[Image: PXL-20220205-122652874.jpg]

[Image: PXL-20220205-135020020.jpg]
Nice setup?