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Full Version: (free) Chord Chart Editor
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Hello ? 

I'd like to share with you a tool that I created to edit my chord charts before importing them in Mobile sheet pro:

It has basic ChordPro import/export functionality.

My workflow:
- find a song I like on Ultimate Guitar, and import it in Chord Chart Studio
- fix it and add the rhythm information
- export it as a ChordPro file
- import it in Mobile Sheets Pro

The editor uses its own chord charts format call ChordMark. Its main advantages versus other formats are:
- it treats rhythm information as a native concern (bar separators anyone?)
- it is much more efficient to write (at least I think)
- it allows to render chord grids as well as usual chord charts with chords + lyrics

The full rationale behind the ChordMark format is explained here.

Thanks for your attention, hope you'll find this interesting!