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Full Version: append time to backups
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Hello! The default is YYYY-MM-DD.msb. Can you append the time so its YYYY-MM-DD-HHMM.msb? I can make many changes a day so I copy the backups to flash and online to be safe (yes i know but things have happened before). 

Also, if it's possible to backup to multiple locations automatically somehow that would be amazing!
I don't think most users backup multiple times daily so that would be overkill for the majority of users. What I can do is eventually provide an option for users to provide the format string used for the default backup name. This will be a semi-advanced feature, but it would give more technical users complete control over their preferred filename formatting.

It's also unusual to backup to multiple locations - I'm not sure about that one. It's a simple enough thing to copy or upload the file after it is created, although I realize this does add a few manual steps and if you are frequently creating backups, that could be tedious.

The default backup filename is fine as it is imho. In those rare cases when I need to make more than one backup on the same day it's a snap to add an _2 or _a to the proposed backup filename. Adding the time would make the filenames unnecessarily long.