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Full Version: CSVFile for "Busk it! Country"
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Busk it! Country
"Pages" in CSV files for MSP should contain the page range to work correctly in case of multi page songs.
Achy Breaky Heart;20;BuskItCountry|leadsheet;country
should be
Achy Breaky Heart;20-21;BuskItCountry|leadsheet;country
Achy Breaky Heart;20,21;BuskItCountry|leadsheet;country

I have an incomplete PDF of this fakebook and attach my CSV. It might be helpful.
I've just started the process of getting my music into Mobilesheets so I'm creating CVS files based largely on some quick ocr (or the occasional lucky find of a text-based table of contents) and a bit of math and some thought.  Smile

While it's nice to have multi-page songs specified in the csv, it's also straightforward to add the second (third, fourth...) page to the song properties after it's been imported.  I generally want to crop the images a bit before I put them into use so adding any additional pages isn't much of a hardship at that point anyway.

I'm really just creating these csv files for my own use and thought I would share them here for anyone else who might find them useful.  If you'd prefer not to have "incomplete" csv's where the second page of a multi-page song isn't specifically accounted for like this, I can stop.
Please don't take me wrong, I really appreciate what you're doing. I just want to share my experience and try to help.
In case only the start page is available, e.g. when you start with a bookmarks export or an OCRed table of contents it's not too difficult to calculate a correct "pages" column. It might be much easier than completing the pages in MSP.
I add an XLS with an example. I sort by PDFPage (the start page), calculate PDFLastPage, combine them in calc. PageOrder and use "copy content" to fill "Pages". There might be easier ways, but it works for me.
You've certainly got a much more elaborate system going there than I do.  I just start with anything that looks like a table of contents and load that into vim where I can clean it up and make a csv file out of it, then load that into (in my case) libreoffice and create a column for offsets, export the result and call it a day.

I started out with the objective of making a searchable index for the Million Dollar Library.  A week or so after I started the project I suddenly realized that getting that index into Mobilesheets would be the perfect way to use it.  Now I might as well keep going and get the rest of my music into it.
A completed and updated CSV. Pages column fixed and Keys added.
And a bookmarks file that can be used with jPDFBookmarks