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Full Version: Set list summary print out feature would be great!
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Hello Mobile Sheet users,

Although I am using MS (Windows version) since a few years I am new to this forum. I like MS very much to organize my sheets and set lists and it has been and is a great help for me. With the improved MP3 player, A/B repeat, speed and tuning changer it's also a very helpful tool for rehearsing.

For future releases I wish to have a set list summary print out or PDF export feature (the same one pager view you get with a setlist). Sometimes at direct sunlight or tablet failure I'd like to have a print out of the setlist as a safety backup. It would also be a nice feature to share the setlist with other musicians not using MS.

Thanks for reading!
You can email yourself a set list sheet as follows

1) Display all the set lists
2) Long press the required set list
3) tap the 3 vertical dots (overflow menu, top right on my android tablet)
4) Select "Generate Song List"
5) Share
6) Select your email app (Gmail on my tablet)

What Geoff described will generate the list of songs in the setlist. If you want to share the setlist files with other users, select the setlist on the Setlists tab, tap Share->Export files and select the destination for the files. You can join the files into one PDF if desired.