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Full Version: Change or highlight file names?
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I use mobile sheets for band practice. I would like to highlight or change the filename/song name to indicate I need to work on a given song, and see this on the setlist without having to open each song.

I'd also like to correct some of my spelling errors.

How can I do this?
Select the song > tap the center of the screen to bring up the edit function > select the pencil icon at the top of the display.
Alternatively, long press the song on the library screen to select it, tap "Edit Song" at the top of the screen and change the title on the Fields tab.

You can also add the song to a "Redo" set list  (or possibly a "Redo" collection)

This would allow you to easily identify ones you need to work on without having to change their names.

Thank you "Fellow Babies!"
Use one of the custom fields (or a field you aren't using for something else) to mark whether a piece needs to be worked on. You can set the 'Piece Title Formatting' to show that field as part of the title or subtitle.