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Full Version: ADDING AUDIO some UI requests, are these possible
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current process is, within edit

 mouse to top left click audio tab

now a blank area opens with a plus sign beside it - on the other side of screen

so mouse all the way across and click the plus   [ why can't that click be left out all together ]
It would be better to have the + sign on the LEFT , as that's where you mouse is

so you get asked where to get the file from - it displays a drop down menu - local file, dropbox, etc
- fair enough

but if you have not enabled cloud integration, there is only one choice - Local File

IF that is true , surely program can skip asking where from and just assume the answer is local file
thus there is one less small screen area to navigate to, and one less question to answer

(I wondered for weeks why I was having to choose "local file" every-time from a list with only one entry ( local file). it was only when I curiously enabled cloud that I understood the design )

i can wait & hope for changes, but for now,unless i work in very small batches, my RSI-sensitive wrist cannot handle all the mousing
so far I have added maybe 50 audio, with about 500 still to go, but I added most of the 50 by copying each audio track to same folder as matching PDF, and forcing names to match, then batch importing to let the program spot the link.
but then I realised that I could just add audio, from anywhere, and it would save in the database, even if I then moved or deleted the source file on my PC, so no need for the previous fiddly option