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Full Version: Embedded URL handling?
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As a practice aid, I like to include a URLĀ that links to the song (typically YouTube, but not always). What do you reckon would be "best practice" for including a URL in a ChordPro file? Seems to me that a "meta" directive might be useful. Or would it be easier to just add URL handling to MobileSheets?
If you want it to be clickable, I would recommend dropping a smart button on top of the page which you can link to the URL. Tap the center of the screen to bring up the song overlay, tap the smart button icon at the bottom right that looks like a finger tapping a rectangle, tap the + icon to add a new one, then configure it as a URL.

ChordPro 6 has an extension to Pango markup for this. E.g.

{comment <span href="">View video</span>}

This should produce a comment that has a clickable link.
I'll have to make sure to support that when I add the pango markup syntax support.