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Full Version: Multiple Libraires with similar files (same filename, different content)
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Done a lot of searching but please point me in the right direction if I've missed it.
I've just installed the Windows version in an attempt to make oganising Libraries easier.
On my Android tablet I have a number of Libraries but for simplicity:
1) Bass tabs and PDFs with chords (mine)
2) PDFs with no chords (for vocalist)

On Windows:
Create matching Libraries.
Switch to Library(1).
Batch import my files (from a Windows folder).
Switch to Library(2).
Batch import vocalists files. (from a different Windows folder).

Switching back to Library(1) and select a song and I've got no chords ie. I appear to have the song from Library(2).

Small amount of investigation and it "appears" as if EVERY import, not matter which Library is selected ends up being written to the same folder ie. the folder define in Settings->Storage->Mobilesheets Storage Location

Is this how things are supposed to work?
I asummed that Libraries would be independant entities - is that not the case?
You mention "my Android tablet" - how is it involved in the issue you are reporting?
Where is your MSP folder? (Settings - Storage - Set the Mobile Sheets Storage Location)
Is Backup / Restore involved? I reported a serious bug regarding subfolder usage of MSP on Windows, but if I understand your post right, it is a different issue.

My method of managing my files myself in subfolders of the MSP folder would definitely work fine in your case, with the downside that Backup/Restore cannot be used (hopefully just for now, until that bug is fixed). Check my thread above to get an idea how I do it and feel free to contact me in case of further questions.
---- You mention "my Android tablet" - how is it involved in the issue you are reporting?

Sorry - I was trying to be as brief as possible. I use MY android tablet to hold all files for me, our lead guitarist and our lead singer. The latter two are not tablet OR softwear app savvy!! I keep each of their files in 2 separate Libraries. That works fine on a tablet as each of their sets of files are in their own folders.
All the initial file generation is done on my Windows PC using my own software to generate PDFs (Chordy) and these are stored in serparate folders. The spearate folders are required throughout because the files all have the same name BUT they all have different content ie the vocalist PDFs don't have chords in them and the guitarist's PDFs are for a different format (size) tablet.
I can then sync the Windows files to my tablet using FolderSync and (assuming the songs exist within MS) the new versions appear in each Library.
Using my tablet as the server I can then sync each Library to each of their tablets - whew - with me so far?
Note the bit above about (assuming the songs exist within MS)? If I could create the songs on the Windows PC and just sync EVERYTHING to my tablet, that would take away a major headache.

---- Where is your MSP folder? (Settings - Storage - Set the Mobile Sheets Storage Location)

I assume you mean on the WINDOWS PC - it's moved to E:\Chordy\MobileSheets

---- Is Backup / Restore involved?

No it's not.

I'll have a look at that thread and see if it helps/applies - thanks for the response,

The problem is that I do not currently have an option to isolate storage for each library. Each library will share the same storage location. Adding an option for this is on my list of things to do earlier this year. I can provide instructions if you want to be able to have different folders for each library, but it will involve manually modifying the configuration file for MobileSheets before switching libraries so that the new library uses a different storage location folder, and MobileSheets doesn't try to move any of the files. I would also recommend putting the folder for the second library under the folder for the first library to avoid permission issues with Windows due to how the file management works with UWP applications.

Thanks Mike - I guessed that something like modifying the config file before each library switch might be needed. Unfortunately, the rate we add new songs would make it a nightmare for me - even switching Libraries on the Android tablet is two or three button pushes I could do without :-)

I wait for the isolate Library stroge option to appear,

@IanH: There must be something wrong with your workflow.

I created this file structure:
d:\HerbertsGoogleDrive\_MobileSheets\ (marked in blue) is my MSP folder.
Then I created two MSP libraries and batch-imported the folder
d:\HerbertsGoogleDrive\_MobileSheets\MSPTest\IanH\bass\ into ianh_bs.db
and the folder
d:\HerbertsGoogleDrive\_MobileSheets\MSPTest\IanH\voc\ into ianh_voc.db
That worked just fine, as expected.
I shared the respective files. In folder _add you can find the databases as well as backups.

@Mike: the backups there might also be test cases to reproduce the bug with losing subfolders when restoring with MSP on windows. I did not try it yet myself.
To investigate path and filename used for a certain song:
get_meta from Sciurius' MSPro-Tools shows the relative path as it is stored in the database
whereas clicking (i) on the "Files" tab of the song editor shows the full path of the file with the MSP folder already added by MSP