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Full Version: Database limitation ?
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I've batch imported around 600 pdf song file with no trouble with these parameters:

Title: based on the file name
Default Artist: 0trier ( it is a zero)
Default Album: Unknown
Default Genre: Jazz

When I'm browsing songs in "Genre" mode, selecting J -> Jazz will show me the songs.

Title:At The Coss RW
Artist: 0trier
Album: Unknown
All this OK.

But, when I'm browsing my song by "Artist" , selecting # for name starting with number .. nothing appears .. I did try changing artist name from 0trier to 1 trier .. nothing appears when I select #.

The same in "Albums": press U for Unknown .. nothing appears under the U section.

I can edit each song, giving a new artist name etc .. without problems.
The pdf are present on the sdcard and detected by MS.
It is just a little bit annoying but I'll get out of this when I'll finish editing each song ..

Strange thing. A limitation of the size of the database ?

Thanks for your help .. and for the last update, the "little cross" in the search bar is so usefull !!!
I'll look into this. Did you do the batch import from the tablet or the companion app?