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Full Version: How do I add a sheet to the middle of a pdf file?
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I have a pdf of a music score, but it is missing a page.  I then get the missing page from another source, but am not able to add that page to the original score.

The score is 113 pages long, and the file editor window shows this number.  I then add the new pdf file to the files list of the composition - the new page shows when I scroll to the end of the original score and the page number listing updates to 1/114.  When I then try to reorder the page sequence to have the new page appear between page 47 and 48 of the original score by entering the sequence "1-47,114,48-113" MobileSheets returns a "The maximum page allowed is 113" message.

What is the correct command sequence to make the added page appear after page 47 of the original score.
You have to add your first file twice.
The file list and page order in the song editor should look like this:
file1.pdf   1-47
file2.pdf   <page number of the missing page within file2.pdf>
file1.pdf   48-113
Thank you!
While itsme's suggestion is completely valid, I'd suggest to "repair" the PDF itself and insert the missing page into the
PDF with a PDF-Editor (free ones are availably like PDF24). Then you need only to reference the 1 PDF and it's complete
for saving and sharing outside MSP as well.