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Full Version: Different parts of a song in setlist
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I use this app mostly for playing the organ at church. I have a ton of files that have the normal, hymnbook arrangement of each hymn. I also have various files that have cool introductions, and/or "last-verse" arrangements that add a little spice. Sometimes they are in the same file. How do I put them in a usable order in a setlist?  I know I can put a file twice in the same setlist but that doesn't totally solve my problem. Is there a way to set up a setlist to display different pages of a file on each pass?

e.g. (page 1 of special arrangement)(vanilla version)(page 2 of special arrangement)

If not, any other ideas? I know I can always just swipe back and forth a lot or split the PDFs into snippets.
Add the file(s) with the sections you want into a song. Specify "Page Order" to select the required pages and crop the pages to show only the part that you plan to play. If required add the same file multiple times so that you need to move only forward through the song.
Set page scaling mode to "Fit Width" and display mode to "Vertical Scrolling"
I've split most of my intros, interludes, and reharmonizations into separate songs. I'll keep the song names the same but add some sort of indicator so I know what part the song is (song - intro, song - last verse, etc.). Then I can add the different parts in the right order to the setlist.