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Full Version: Autofit / Halfpage setup
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Maybe anybody suggested this bufore, but here 2 new ideas Big Grin

1. Autofit
It would be great to have a button which auotfits the page to the screen by width or height. So it works like a fullpage mode.

2. Define Halfpage Mode
If i use the halfpage mode the 50:50 split is not alsways a good choice. Often a line of the score is cut this way.
Let us optionally set a marker (or maybe more per page?) wich defines, at wich point the page should be cut.
Both of those are being introduced in v5.0.0. Thanks for the feedback.

Good to hear.
Is there a roadmap for v5.0.0?
You mean indicating all of the new features that are coming and the UI changes? No, not yet. I'm probably going to write up something when the beta is ready, and I've assembled all the testers who are interested. If you mean in terms of schedule, it's dependent on too many factors to give an absolute date, but I'm trying to get it done sometime next month.