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Full Version: Will MobileSheets follow song relocation
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I'm a neophyte user w/minimal experience.  I have a large number of songs(dulcimer tabs) I've accumulated from various sources(clubs, free downloads, purchased esongs, scanned songs etc) in both PDF & JPEG format.  I recently purchased a 2T dropbox license.  If I transfer all my music from my tablets storage to my Dropbox will musicsheets recognize & display the tab from its new location when selected?
Mobilesheets lets you import your music from Dropbox if that is what you are asking. You don't use dropbox to display the music in really time.
MobileSheets requires offline access to all of the files in the library. Once you import file, it will be copied to the storage location listed under Settings->Storage (unless you uncheck "Let MobileSheets Manage my Files". If you move the files under the storage location, it will break MobileSheet's' ability to access those files as it won't know where you've moved them. So no, you can't move the files to Dropbox without it causing failures in MobileSheets.