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Full Version: TC Helicon VoiceLive 3x
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A user had discovered how to get the MIDI working with his TC Helicon VoiceLive 3x, so I just wanted to share the information here in case it would be useful to anyone:

First, I added a USB C to 9-Pin in/out MIDI cable. I believe USB C to Mini USB on the VL3X would also work. Once the cable was connected I could see MIDI messages flowing to the pedal. All 3 MIDI configurations work, but I'm staying with Google for the added flexibility.
To change presets, a Patch Select message must be sent. I'm sending on load. I think it could also be triggered in a smart button.
The format for the patch message is MSB=0; LSB=0-3; Value/patch=0-127. Presets 0-127 are in bank 0, 128-256 are in bank 1, and so on.
To trigger a change to preset 256, the MIDI message is patch select; 0; 1; 127. Preset 257 is patch select; 0; 2; 0. I'm including these details because the VL3X has 500 presets. So, the patch change has to be "calculated" as the bank and the sequential preset number for that bank.