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Full Version: Backup not working when navigation bar hidden
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When "Hide the Navigation Bar" is selected in Display Settings, the Library Backup function no longer works. I can choose the location for the backup, but when I select "save" the file name and save button disappears and nothing happens. I remembered I made a few changes to the Display Settings and did some troubleshooting to determine that was the culprit.

Version 3.7.5 
Acer Chromebook Spin 713
I have tested this on an Android tablet and I do not encounter any issues like you have described. I will test again on a Chromebook device, but I'm not sure why that would impact the backup dialog, as the "Hide the navigation bar" setting should only matter when you are viewing a score.

This is definitely a ChromeOS specific issue - I'm reverting the changes that were made for ChromeOS and using the old behavior for hiding the navigation bar. Thanks for letting me know about this.