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Full Version: Tune Played
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One problem that I often encounter is when a band (or even a solo artist) is playing from a largish setlist (or, perhaps, a collection) but not in any particular order is that, at some time during the performance, someone will suggest a tune that has already been played. Quite often a discussion then ensues about whether it has or not. This is particularly true when the band is working from the same set of tunes several nights in a row - it's easy to confuse what was played tonight and what was played last night Smile .
It occurs to me that if a song could be marked as 'played' then there would be no argument.

I'm not sure of the best way to implement this, perhaps to mark it as 'done' after the chart has been on display for length of time (say 60 seconds) which would mean that it has been used, not just quickly looked at for some other reason.