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Full Version: Filter logic
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I'm using a "custom" field to contain one of two values indicating if the edit for that song is either "complete" or "incomplete". When I filter my song list to serge the custom field for "incomplete" it works fine. When I set the filter to "complete" it returns all songs since the string "complete" is included in both values. How do I chaage the filter logic to look for the exact value of the field rather than any occurrence of the string in the field"

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Michael Bond
Don't know (Mike will be along)
Not sure if there is an easy way to do this - I like having partial matching in the key fields

Consider using "partial" instead of "incomplete" ?

MobileSheets just searches for occurrences of the search term anywhere in the formatted song title. The word "complete" is inside "incomplete", so that's going to be a problem. Just use two different words or something like isComplete, isIncomplete, and then you shouldn't have an issue. In the future, I may add an option to specify that the entire search term has to match the value in a given field, as well as options to match on punctuation and capitalization (both are currently ignored).

better add "complete" and "incomplete" to the value list of "source types"
itsme is also correct - if you want to use a field like source type, you can just filter using the source dropdown.