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  Copy song, next page in PDF
Posted by: bumblebee - 05-21-2015, 06:56 PM - Forum: MobileSheetsPro (Android) Discussion - Replies (5)

Is changing the page order (number) working correctly?
I am splitting up a multi page PDF, with one song per page.
My process is to Copy the (previous) song and change the page order number to the next page number. I would have thought the page view then would change to this next page after pressing ok, but it does not. Should it?

  1.0.9 reset pedal actions
Posted by: bumblebee - 05-21-2015, 06:34 PM - Forum: MobileSheetsPro (Android) - Replies (2)

Mike can you check the Reset button for pedal settings?
If you clear them and play around with the settings a bit, then leave the keys cleared (or populated from airturn) then exit, then go back in and Reset, only the action for the pedals reset, the keys Up Down etc. are not reset to all the options originally showing (for all pedals).
Is this intentional or a bug?

Posted by: sciurius - 05-21-2015, 05:36 PM - Forum: MobileSheetsPro Companion - No Replies

All songs in the library have a default difficulty of 1. However, when a song is added to a setlist of collection, it has a difficulty of 0 in the setlist / collection, while still 1 in the library.

  Default border in text annotations
Posted by: AndyL - 05-21-2015, 09:44 AM - Forum: MobileSheetsPro (Android) - Replies (3)

I'm not sure if this is a bug or a feature request, but here goes.

MSPro doesn't seem to remember the border thickness for text annotations. It remembers everything else (I think), but it doesn't remember the thickness of the border. It always defaults to 1.

It would be nice if it did remember



  Sizing and cropping
Posted by: bazza - 05-20-2015, 11:59 PM - Forum: MobileSheetsPro (Android) - Replies (1)

I save my PDF music files in A5 Landscape format, and need to see the whole page on a 10.1-inch screen. However, when the page is pretty well filled with music it doesn't all fit so I need to reduce the overall visible size by about 10%. if possible, I would like to do this with all my files in one go; that is, re-set the default screen view to something a bit smaller.   I've tried to follow all the instructions about cropping, but can't get MSPro to do what I want.   I'm obviously missing some obvious step.  Can someone please offer an idiot's guide to the process?

  Airturn BT105
Posted by: Buurse - 05-20-2015, 06:34 PM - Forum: MobileSheetsPro (Android) Discussion - Replies (4)

Hello, I used in the Mobile Sheets 4.1.7 my Airturn BT105, and make the choice previous and next page for 1 pedal and it works perfect, how can i now make the same adjustment in MobileSheets Pro.

  Wrong chart!!
Posted by: GraemeJ - 05-20-2015, 09:30 AM - Forum: MobileSheetsPro Companion - Replies (11)

Mike, there seems to be a major problem with the latest release of Companion [2.0.7]!

I have just done a backup from MSP - went well. I then tried to extract one file from the list as I wanted to see if it extracted the audio - It didn't.

However, that was not the main problem. It is associating the wrong chart with the filename. I extracted 'The Chicken' and when I looked in the directory this created, the PDF file, although it had the right name actually contained the PDF for 'The Christmas Song' .

I checked back on the tablet and that does display the right file. I did a bit more digging around and it seems that each PDF I extracted from the backup file, although correctly named, contained the PDF for the next chart on the main library list.

I then loaded an earlier backup file (done four days ago, with the last Companion version) and that extracts properly, so I believe the problem has to lie with the current release of Companion.

What I haven't tried - and I'm not about to, either - is to import the latest backup back into MSP. I have a feeling that everything is going to be wrong Wink and I don't want to lose the fairly extensive changes I have just made, which prompted me to make the backup in the first place.

  Getting a two page song into mobile sheets pro
Posted by: cwjunction - 05-20-2015, 04:48 AM - Forum: MobileSheetsPro (Android) Discussion - Replies (6)

Hello everyone:
New user and trying to located info. on how upload a two page song into mobile sheets pro. I'm unable to tie two pages together at the scanner with the current software I'm using. Trying to figure how to tie two pages together within the app. Each page is now listed as Page1 and page 2 respectfully. Any suggestions, thanks in advance

  Installing MobileSheets Pro on new tablet
Posted by: bazza - 05-19-2015, 10:20 PM - Forum: MobileSheetsPro (Android) - Replies (7)

I have recently bought Mobile Sheets Pro and use it on an old tablet, in conjunction with the M-S Companion on my PC.   I've bought a better tablet: how do I get it to load and use M-S-Pro?  Do I have to buy the App again for the new device?  Advice for a technical ignoramus, please. 

  Backup from MS Pro won't restore to 'original' MS?
Posted by: gerryfitz - 05-19-2015, 05:51 PM - Forum: MobileSheetsPro (Android) - Replies (4)

I am having a problem with MS Pro going to a blank page.

As a temporary fix I am trying to restore the backup library from MS Pro into the original MS app.

However, after about 15 songs I get a message on teh tablet screen saying 'The backup file seems to be invalid' .

Then ' Error: invalid message received from PC. Ignoring message.

The restore continues but when completed nothing will load onto the tablet screen. The full song list seems to be there, just nothing will load.

Are the two systems totally incompatible?

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