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"not a directory" during backups
Hi folks!

Here are the steps to reproduce this issue:

1) open MobileSheets for iPad on an Apple Silicon Mac
2) ... > Settings > Backup and Restore > Backup Library
3) Select a Backup Destination > Local File
4) Accept default name > OK > OK
5) Let it build the backup and then prompt for where to store it
6) MS opens up the backup directory that I have used previously. Don't change anything.
7) Click Save
8) The below error message about "not a directory" is presented. Click OK
9) Repeat (7) or any of the above, and (8) will continue to happen
10) Back at step (6), CHANGE THE DIRECTORY to something else, and then change it back to the original, desired value
11) Click Save
12) Now it works

Maybe something's not getting properly initialized until you change and then change back?


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That's strange - that's an error coming from Apple's stuff, not MobileSheets. The file browser itself is giving you that error and saying it can't move the file to that location. So there really isn't anything I can do in my app, as when you are interacting with that dialog, my app is not doing anything - it's just waiting for the dialog to close and indicate that the file has been moved to the selected location. I've ordered a mac mini which will arrive later this month - once I have that, I can do some testing of MobileSheets on a Mac to see if there is anything I can do to get around that issue.

Quote: The file browser itself is giving you that error

Yea, that's what I figured :-) 

But I just noticed something! "Not a directory" made me think that it thinks we have selected a File rather than a Directory, so I did some experimenting. If you look at that screen shot, the first file in the directory is highlighted. But when I navigate to another directory and then come back, there is NO LONGER any file highlighted (and then it succeeds). 

So it seems that the problem is that when the directory screen is first opened, a file is selected. If that could be prevented, the problem would probably go away. Maybe that will help!
Does the selected file's name match the name MobileSheets has chosen for the backup file? If so, that would make sense why it selected it. I'm providing a default filename. I could not provide a default filename, but that would be very tedious as you'd have to manually enter the name in then...

Thanks for the reply!

(03-12-2023, 01:31 PM)Zubersoft Wrote: Does the selected file's name match the name MobileSheets has chosen for the backup file?...

No, they're not the same name. See attached screen shot. 
Just thought I'd point out that this bug has returned. 

I'm sorry, it appears I never followed up that this problem went away for months. But it just showed up again for me yesterday. It's possible that this past week I haven't done updates or backups. So I'd estimate that some update within the past week, or two tops, may have introduced this regression...
It looks like my code is trying to set an initial folder for Apple's file picker, but it's passing the full path to the backup file (instead of the parent folder). I believe that is the source of the problem. I will adjust/fix that code.



I've verified that this does indeed fix the bug. I'll include it with the next update.

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