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Display mode
Hi, I have only had Mobile  sheets for a few weeks but I would firstly like to congratulate you on an excellent piece of software and at an absolutely amazing price :-) 

My default Display mode is 'Single Page" but I have a PDF with 2 pages which I have the display mode set to "Two pages with Separate song in two page mode" also selected.  When viewing the previous song, I swipe left [Windows 11 Touch Screen] and it shows both PDF pages as expected, when I swipe left again the next song is shown, but if I now swipe right to get back to the PDF only the 2nd PDF page is shown, another swipe right and both PDF pages are shown.  Is there a way to have both PDF pages shown if either a left or right swipe is used to get to that song - thanks :-)
Short answer - it's fairly complicated because the code for handling page turns is implemented separately for each display mode, because they all have different behaviors, settings, etc. So what's happening is the single page display mode doesn't know that the previous song is going to want to use the two page display mode, and it doesn't know the page turn mode used for the two page display mode, and it doesn't know that it should turn back two pages instead of one page. It just turns back one page at a time as that is what that display mode is designed to do. So while in theory I can handle what you are asking for, it does require that I inject quite a bit of code into the other display modes so that they can check to see if the previous song uses a different display mode, if that display mode is the two page display mode, if the two page turn mode is set to two pages, and the previous file has more than one page. It's really quite messy. So I'll have to think about what I want to do, as the current behavior is not actually incorrect - it just doesn't match what you are wanting.

There is a way you can handle this yourself though - go to Settings->Touch & Pedal Settings->Touch Actions, and set the top left corner to either "Go to previous song", or "Turn back 2 pages". Then you can use that corner when needed to handle this scenario, ensuring that it turns back to show both pages. I would recommend the latter setting in this case as it would correctly handle files with more than two pages, although it may create issues with page turns if the file has an odd number of pages (as then the last page should be shown by itself).

Hi Mike, many thanks for the quick and detailed reply :-)  I didnt realise it would be so complicated, but its not a big deal so I can live with it with no problems at all.  Thinking about it a little more, probably the easiest way for me personally to overcome the problem is to open the pdf in photoshop and edit it to a 2 page 'side by side' jpg image and just replace the pdf with that in Mobilesheets :-)  Many thanks :-)

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