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annotations out of sync

Found another issue that I'm noticing more throughout the run of this musical. My annotations aren't lining up with where I laid them out in annotation mode. They're often shifted up and left of where i put them. This is with my tablet in portrait mode.
I'll look into this weekend. Supporting any size tablet can be a challenge... Hopefully it's something easy to fix so i can push out an update with all the critical stuff by Sunday. Thanks for letting me know.
The same to me... And the stamp notations don't appear in the setlist. I would like to to get the paid version, but this problem makes me think a lot ...
Looks like it's going to take me a little while longer to push out an update. I'm in the middle of moving right now (packing up all my belongings), so I didn't get as much free time as I had hoped. I'll see what I can do during the week.

For reference, can either of you tell me which tablet you have? I tested with multiple tablets and had trouble reproducing this problem. If you can take screenshots, that would be really useful too. Thanks.
I'm using an ACER A500. I'll try to take screen shots sometime tonight or tomorrow.
Turns out I won't need screenshots after all. This problem only shows up if you use image files for your songs. If you use PDFs, the annotations are spot on. I had done my final testing before the last release with only PDFs, and completely missed this bug. I have a fix in place now, so as soon as I push out the next update, all of your annotations should be positioned correctly at any zoom.

If you are using PDFs and this problem is occurring for you, let me know, as that would definitely complicate things.
I am using PDFs for all of my files. Here's a screen shot of an example i am getting. I have the stamp that I wrote notes in lined up with the actual staff in annotation mode, but it is not lined up when i save and exit.

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If that's happening with v3.7 when you create new annotations, then I am very surprised. I'll see what I can figure out tonight. Thanks for the screenshots.
Thanks for looking into Mike! I have some other examples if you need them.


And just as an update...I just tried the same thing on another file, and no problem....Not sure what it could be then... both files are scans entries, one is part of a setlist (2 pdfs of 54 total pages in length) the newer file isn't (one short pdf..about 7 pages). Tried the same edit (white out a block of music, add in a staff stamp) and no issue the 2nd time. Could it be due to length of the overall files? or involvement in a setlist?

Someone else reported this issue, and said it only happened with setlists, so perhaps there is something to that. In fact, I think I may know what the issue is. I'll get back to you when I know more.
Great. Thanks!
I'm using JPGs. Version 3.7. I just started experimenting with annotations and link points today. Strictly portrait mode. Mostly the annotations (highlights) stayed in place after I tapped ok, but I had one highlight and a text entry that was above it that kept shifting down about the height of a staff after I tapped ok. It would pop back up into the correct place when I went back into annotations edit mode, but then pop back into the wrong place. Not a huge deal as I was able to drag the 2 annotations higher up such that after tapping ok they snapped into the correct place.

Not sure if it is relevant but the problem annotations were on a staff that was also the target of a link point.

On a related note, the linkpoints aren't staying exactly where I tapped when I created them. This means they sometimes obscure stuff I want to see.

BTW, overall the annotations seem fairly easy to use even without a manual. Nice job.
Well, I spent the last hour trying to investigate this issue with mixed results. I was able to get the annotations to be slightly off a couple of times, but if I adjusted the zoom, and then adjusted the zoom back, it seemed to fix everything, and the annotation(s) would position themselves correctly. Can you guys try doing this, and let me know if it has the same effect for you? If so, there might be some sort of logic error with the zoom level that gets fixed if you adjust the zoom. Thanks.
I don't use zoom at all.
i don't use the zoom much either, but zooming in and out did help the couple of errors that i had problems with. Everything moved back to the original placements in the annotation mode.

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