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open pdf with different pdf viewer/editor

Other apps like ezPdf have good annotation functionality. You have promised annotations for a while already, but meanwhile, a good thing to have would be the option to open a song with external apps. this way I could use ezPDF for freehand annotations without browsing through directories - directly out of your app.

kind regards.
Since you can use the external editor (either directly from the source files or swap edited files) it seems that time spent on a temporary solution could delay a finished feature we are all waiting for. Is there any reason we can't open the files in folders and make edits? This seems like a minor workaround while we wait?

Other opinions?
I spent a good part of my weekend working on annotations, and each week is bringing me closer. Some of the technical details have turned out to be more complex than I anticipated, which has slowed me down a little bit. I think it's probably best if I stay focused on finishing it, as I don't have a huge amount of time to spend each week. Everyone's patience will be rewarded!
Do the annotations in other programs work in this programa and more importantly do edits on this program work when viewed on an ipad or computer?

I ask because my reason for using pdf's is so that a sub can just get my pdfs and do the gig and not have to get the whole book. Also when our arranger for our big band makes a mistake that we correct during rehearsals it's nice if he could get the corrections, too.
That is sort of a complicated question, because it depends on how annotations are made using other programs. Programs that use the annotation capabilities defined in the PDF spec (such as ezPDF and Adobe) make their annotations in such a way that it gets embedded in the PDF document itself. MobileSheets does not do this - it overlays the annotations on top of the PDF, leaving the original document intact. To my knowledge, the other sheet music readers on iPad do this as well. So, to sum it up, in most cases, MobileSheets will read annotations made by other programs, but other programs will not be able to see annotations made by MobileSheets.

I'm working on sharing capabilities so that you could easily send your entire song to another MobileSheets user, and the annotations would be intact. If your arranger/sub were using MobileSheets, then this wouldn't be a problem. If they use some other program, then I can see there might be an issue there.

It would be extremely time consuming and complex for me to add support for embedding the annotations directly in the PDF. I don't think I can support this any time soon, but I would consider it for the future. I hope that helps.
That's cool. Thanks for the info. Everyone I know (arrangers and so forth) are using mac and ipads etc.I'm the only one holding the torch for android. I am interested in finding my best use of my tablet and this and other programs. Now that I know that edits within the program can't be seen by my potential subs for my gig then I will avoid using the annotation feature within this program and just use it for performing.
I'll just have to find a balance in how I will rehearse using another program, and then use this program to do setlists and other things that it is strongest at.
All the guys thought it was cool how I used my tablet tonight and were asking what I did (using the USB pedal). landscape mode allows me to stand back about 5 feet and still read the music while giving a show to the audience.
One problem with making annotation in jpeg is that the only thing I did (cross out 2 notes in freehand during sound check) during the gig wound up being an inch over where I drew it.
And if that's the case that annotations will only be usable with other users of this program, then it isn't best that I do too much within the program.
I'm not angry just trying to find what to do. Thanks for the quick reply.
I'll try to be productive with sending problems I will run into.
The position problem you encountered with the annotations (being off by an inch) is something that will be fixed in the next update. If I can support saving out the annotations in the future, I will do so. Thanks for the information.
Don't thank me, thank YOU! Smile

Any success in being able to embed annotations in the pdf?

I had a large number of pdfs where I annotated charts using pdf-xchange viewer. My understanding (I hope I am correct) is the annotations are embedded within the pdf itself (I believe when I opened a document in adobe reader, it did show the annotations).

So, my preference that annotations be embedded in the pdf itself.



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