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Bulk uploader has bizarre results
I decided to buy MS on the strength of reviews an a quick trial of the free app. However i have run into serious problems doing a simple upload of some songs using the batch loader.

I can add a song manually and it registers on the tablet from PC ok.

When i do a batch upload i get a message on the tablet.
"file may be locked or inaccessible (is PC locking file ?)"

I notice also that not every song has a sub folder and it loads several (~4 files ) to a sub folder.

The PC companion says successfully loaded 33 songs but nothing shows on the tablet song list. The pc has the song list. It does not open up an image file on the PC side either.

I have had to stop the app and clear the data to get the pc and tablet in synch again.

I think that the batch uploader is pants and you shouldn't have it available if it is going to cause so much bother.

I hope that the rest of the program is going to be reliable, it is on the right lines, but i have a couple of issues which hopefully will get fixed sometime

I'm sorry to hear you had such poor results with the batch upload. When I tested it last, I successfully imported about 500 songs at once with no errors, so I'm not quite sure what your setup is, or what's causing the issue. There are so many possible configurations (both tablet and PC) that it's very difficult for a single developer like myself to have the resources or time to test across a large number of configurations. Having said that, I'm going to do a lot of work to improve batch imports on both the tablet and PC, and try to fix some of the connectivity issues. Hopefully the rest of the program will work better for you.

It is strange that the single tune upload seems to work fine and the communications works well both ways.
The rest of the program looks good and is just what i require, i thought that the batch uploader would save me a bit of donkey work getting songs onto the device. The pc progam did crash a couple of times as well, i checked for updates and it seems to be the latest version. I am running it on windows XP.

I want to work on the pc to handle all the editing if possible.

I tried to drag a multiple list of items into a set list, but i am not sure if this is implemented. I am intending to have a very large song list and make up several set lists. Is there an easy way to manage this.
i.e. doing something like a ctrl click in file explorer to select the songs required or filtering a sub set ??

Some of the file names had a dot (.) in them, don't know if this would cause an effect ??

Also there was a mix of image and pdf files

Actually, a filename like that very well could have caused some issues. I never tested with any files containing a '.' in their name (other than the extension). Thanks for bringing that up. I need to do additional work with batch importing a mix of image and PDF files, as it doesn't properly split up the image files into separate songs, unless they are all separated by PDFs.

As for your questioning about dragging multiple items, I can't quite remember off hand, so I'll have to load up the program today to test. I'll get back to you on it when I have an answer.

I have a similar problem with batch conversion with the Companion. The PDFs I'm trying to convert are stored on a network storage drive. Companion is running on laptop with Win XP SP2. MobileSheets is running on Lenovo Ideatab S2109a running Android 4.0.4. I'm trying to create the MobileSheets database on an "external" sd card. Transfer in question is 48 pdf's.

Message I receive on the PC: "Transfer error. An error was encountered transferring the following files: /mnt/ext_sdcard/mobilesheets_db/1_001 I'll fly away.pdf The associated song will not display correctly. Ensure that you don't have files/folders locked that may have prevented deleting existing files."

I get this message for all 48 pdf's. MobileSheets on the tablet registers an error similiar to this original post. "Unable to create file....."file may be locked or inaccessible (is PC locking file ?)" I get this message on the tablet for all pdf's in the transfer.

MobileSheets song list shows all 48 files on both the tablet and the PC Companion. Sure enough, they will not display on the tablet... and there are no files on the sd card.

I have been working with this for some time now. This error screws the db on the tablet. To get a fresh start, I have been uninstalling-installing the program... which is somewhat of a pain. I recently began to restore the db from a backup I made with an empty db. This seems to work OK. So far I have had to restart with a clean db about 15 times. I'm still working trying to figure this out. obviously both the tablet and the PC knows there is a problem.
Hello Roy,

Once I have my new office set up towards the end of this week, I should be able to replicate a test using a network drive to see if I can produce a similar error. If I can get a fix in place, I'll release an update as soon as possible so you don't have to go through any more frustration.
no hurry! this post is not a complaint; only trying to understand the options.
Modifications of original scenario I have tried with identical results:
(a) moved folder from NAS to PC
(b) replaced spaces in PDF file names with "_" (underline)
© removed all spaces in file names
(d) file names all caps
(e) file names all lower case
this is not a file naming problem.

Since I can batch import to the internal SD card with no problem, this must be an external SD card problem and may be unique to my tablet. However, External SD card has no problem with other tablet software file operations.

I plan to try tablet external USB next.

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