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Music sheet getting deleted
I'm not sure if this can be considered a bug or a feature request and it may have already been addressed, but here goes anyway.

The way I normally work is to put new song sheets in a Download folder. Then when I import them into MobileSheets I have the copy and delete original options ticked. This makes it easy to see which sheets I've done.

The problem is that if I later edit a song, on several occasions it has copied and deleted the file again. This copies it on to itself and then deletes it ending up with no file. Not ideal. (I'm not sure it does this for every edit, maybe only when I change something to do with the file)

So as a first hit, it really ought to check if the destination file and the file to be deleted are the same and not do the delete.

Longer term I think the settings interface needs changing. I'm not sure how, but it needs something to remind you to check it. I have also forgotten when adding new songs from a multi-song PDF. So far I've always had the original to hand, but I can see me making a small change on a gig and loosing a whole bunch of songs.

That is definitely a disturbing bug Andy - thank you for bringing it to my attention. I'm not sure how many users check the "Delete Original" file option, but I'm hoping the number is small.

In MobileSheetsPro, I moved all the storage options to a "Storage" tab on the settings screen. I also changed the way the options are handled - they only apply when adding new files - never when modifying a song. I'll verify that no bugs like these are present in the MobileSheetsPro.

Thanks for getting back.

It may be that I'm just using the delete option a lot while I set things up. I find it easier to see what I have added to MobileSheets if it has disappeared from the list of files.

I'm not sure I'd want this setting hidden away on a "Storage" tab. I think it needs to be visible as part of the adding of the file(s) or song. I use both copy/delete and add from an existing file. I don't always remember what I did last time and I don't always remember to check. So I think the copy/move/leave where it is option needs to be obvious.

Just my 2p

I may have to revisit this issue. I don't like the idea of having the option on the song editor files tab, because I don't think it really fits (it's confusing if you are editing an existing song). I also think for the people who want to use the feature in a way where they want to easily be able to turn it on/off, it's not accessible enough if I put it on the settings screen. I think the thing that really makes sense is that, when you are importing files in the file browser, there should be a checkbox that indicates whether or not you want to delete the currently selected files after importing them. This makes it a "per-file" setting, versus something that is just globally set. I could keep the global setting as a default though, for the people who want always want to delete the originals and don't want to have to check that box every time. The only downside to moving to this model is it increases the complexity a little bit for me. I'd like to hear more opinions on this issue from users.

Personally I think copy and move (move implies copy and delete) tick boxes near the OK box on the file browser would work. I'd like it to remember what I did last time, but be visible so I'd remember to change it if necessary.

It think the destination ("Copy files to") is fine as a global setting. I don't change this very often, if at all.

And fix the "don't delete if it's the same file" bug for when I forget :^)



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