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Better and Faster Audio Import
I have used Ms since version 1.5.After using it live for several months I can say that for me and many others the limiting feature is audio file import. I have hundreds of audio files that do not require music and lyrics so they do not easily import into MS. In a live situation I must resort to exiting MS to use an alternate player which is quite confusing. Why not allow batch import of audio files much like you do for graphics. Use the the audio file title for song name etc. With the new annotation feature this would allow notes foe the audio to be easily annotated. I know you didn't create MS with this in mind but for more than a dozen people in St. Louis Louis who have purchased your software this is the number feature needed.

Love all the improvements but speeding up the set up is still a work in progress. Hope you can implementation ASAP and I will gladly pay for this feature.

Thanks for your program.
I am new to this great application and I am missing a batch import for audio also.
--> Suggestion for an import option:
If batch importing sheets from subdirectories, the app should search for audio files in the same subdir.
This would save hours ...
In order to support this, I would either have to add a default blank image to every song created from an audio file, or support songs with no images at all. The former is more likely. Either way, songs must contain at least one file to load (pdf or image).
Possible batch solution could also be (if each song is stored in an own folder):
- Is there a PDF or image?
- if yes:
- look for sound file
- if existing:
- Add to song

And how would I identify the sound file? Would the audio file name have to exactly match the name of the PDF? So if I have xyz.pdf, I would then need to filter on all files containing xyz, then check to see if they are actually an audio file by examining the extension against the list of supported audio types on Android. How many people actually have named all their audio files to correspond directly to the names of their PDF files? I suppose I can add this as an option in the batch import, but it will undoubtedly slow things down for large imports, or even small imports in directories with a large amount of files. The other thing I could try to do is an intelligent search where I try to see if pieces of the pdf file name are contained in the audio file names, but this will be very slow, and I'm not sure how accurate it will be (as, once again, I don't know how many people name their PDF files and audio files similarly).
If you add all sound files (ev. only mp3) residing in the folder of the song pdf?
And possibly this batch mode only when no copy (only link to the files) is selected?
regards Klaus
I'm not sure you realize this, but gman and you are asking for two completely different things. He wants all audio files to be created as their own songs with no associated PDFs. You are asking for a batch import that associates audio songs with PDFs automatically. The biggest problem I see with importing all mp3's residing in the folder of the song PDF, is that most people are going to group together multiple PDFs in one folder. If the audio files are in that folder too, would I associate every audio file with every PDF? I think I have to filter based on a naming scheme for this to actually work in practice.
Yes, you are right: these are different things!
Audio batch import related to the music sheet is difficult to realize, indeed. I think, there are always some user restrictions, either concerning the file naming, or the organization of folders.
We as users must be ready to possibly adapt our files or storage organization, if we want to use the advantage of batch audio import.
If you realize a naming scheme for filtering, it should be possible to associate multiple audio files to one sheet file (by using a kind of wildcards like AllBlues_01.mp3, AllBlues_02.mp3).
Until now, I have used one folder per song with sheets and different mp3's.

Anyway, MobileSheets is very helpful! Thanks

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