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restore error: java.lang.NullPointerException

I've run into an error trying to restore my library into MS 3.7
It will start the restore and after a few files show this:

The restore has failed to complete due to an error:
Your llibrary may no longer work correctly.

I recently upgraded my tablets ROM and used the app Backup and restore tto backup my apps.
I used that app to restore MS after the upgrade.
Maybe it has something to do with that?

Just for the record: after the error, I tried deleting and reinstalling the app, but it didn't help.

I hope you can help me because I have a concert next weekend and would hate to go back to paper sheets for that... I was really enjoying the typed out annotations!
Bastien, is there any way I can get a hold of your backup file? I'm trying to get an update out today or tomorrow (most likely tomorrow). If you can give me your backup file, I can get to the bottom of this right away and get it fixed for you. If not, I'll do my best to try to figure out what's going on, but it will be much harder.

The backupfile is in my outbox now and should be ready to send soon (it's 30 MB).
I have tried to restore other backups and there are now issues there, so it should be backup-specific.

Thanks for pointing me in the direction of the backupfile, at least now I get to use my files again (albeit without the latest annotations)!

I never received the backup file. It probably won't work through email. Do you have a place you can upload it? Thanks.

I sent the link to the wrong e-mailaddress.
That's fixed now, so you should receive it shortly.

I had this exact problem. I looked at what song it reached before it stops and then went into that song (or maybe the one after) on my library to discover that there was something corrupted in that song and wasn't displaying.

After I deleted and re-added it worked fine from then on. I believe that particular song was one of the first ones that I added annotations too, probably before the first update to fix a bug.

This might also work for you. Good luck!
It was an issue related to backing up songs that had stamp annotations in them. I just pushed out v3.8 which fixes that issue and many others. Thanks.
The update solved my problems with the backup.
I can't thank you enough, seeing as I'm now able to use my tablet again at my upcoming gig!

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