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Changing genre on multiple songs
Hi, this is either a new feature request, or a "tell me how to do it".

I use MobileSheets primarily for church choir, and have over 500 songs entered. When I added these songs, I chose the "Choral" genre, since that was the closest match, but now there is a "Worship" genre available. Is there a way to mass-change the genre of a bunch of existing songs to a new genre? Or to make other bulk changes? I've hunted around in the PC Companion program and don't see a way there.

As a side note: I was looking at the backup file created by the program, and I noticed that it has a SQL Lite segment. Perhaps it's possible for an "enterprising person" to do their own SQL updates to a copy of a backup file and then do a restore? (I am guessing that this is essentially what the PC Companion does). I understand that this sort of thing is fraught with peril and the author might not want people mucking around in the database and then complain when something breaks... but I would be willing to take the risk (especially since I make frequent backups).

Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions.
There currently isn't a way to change the properties of multiple songs at once. This is something I've been wanting to add, but I've been waiting until I rework the artists/albums/genres to be more like setlists, where you assign songs to them. The rework will allow things like not specifying an artist/album/genre for a song, or specifying multiple artists/albums/genres.

I can absolutely add a way for direct access to the database for advanced users. This would allow users to potentially generate their own scripts/programs to interact with the database. I'll try to add this in the next update.

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