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zoom or global auto-crop?
I had a zoom set for all or most songs in the original MS, which seems to have gotten lost in the transfer. Auto-cropping the page fixes the view on most of the pages.  But there's 100's of songs.

Any thoughts about a way to speed up or automate autocropping all songs in the database?
Or, a way to accomplish autocrop on all pages as a part of a Restore from an msb file, using Companion?
Or to carry forward the old zoom setting from original to Pro?

I miss the zoom setting slider, and the precision of entering the exact % zoom, that Original had.  There is so much better about Pro, but that was nice.
The decision to remove the zoom slider was a tough decision, but I really wanted to push people to use cropping, as I think it's a superior solution. Cropping means that I only render the part of the document that you want visible, which means not using any more memory or processing power as necessary. Zooming increases the image larger than the screen dimensions, which increases memory usage and is slower to render. This is why I would prefer people use cropping - the app will run faster.

Of the options you've suggested, I think providing an option to automatically crop all songs in the library is the one that makes the most sense for MobileSheetsPro, so I will go ahead and add that in a future update.

Mike thx for explaining the background + makes sense to avoid things that are slow/hoggy. I'll watch for the crop-all option.

Pro is great - thx for it.

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