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having problems zooming
I have used regular MobileSheets for about 3 months and now trying to switch to Pro.

When I try and finger pinch to set the zoom, I get weird results.   Most times the page will zoom further in (or out) after I release.   This happens 1/2 to 1 second after I lift from the screen.   Only occasionally will it stay where I wanted it.   Even with regular MobileSheets on this tablet, setting the zoom could be a little touchy but there was never a jump in size after I lifted my fingers from the screen.  I primarily use portrait orientation.

I have tried Auto-Crop but still seem to get results that are zoomed in more than what the crop outline indicates should be.   I do not have night mode enabled even thought that Auto-Crop bug was fixed in 1.0.6.   Experimenting seemed to indicate that if I zoomed fully out before Auto-Crop it worked better but that has not been consistent.

I updated to Pro 1.0.7 from 1.0.5 and rechecked some before posting.

I did a backup of music from regular MobileSheets with Companion to my PC and then import with Companion Pro.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2, android 4.4.2

Thanks in advance
Hello Bruce,

I think the first step should be to go into the overlay display settings->Zoom/Pan Settings, and clear the zoom/pan. Then apply the crop and it should be the correct size. Be aware that in landscape, settings like "Display Half Page in Landscape" effect the page display as well. Once you've done this, you can fine tune with zooming if needed. The problem you are describing with the page moving would indicate that after you release, MS Pro is trying to render a high quality version of the zoomed image, but is adjusting its position on the page incorrectly. It would help to have a list of settings and steps to reproduce this, as I don't see this behavior on my tablet using the single page display in portrait.

Hi Mike,

I cleared all of the Display setting check boxes.  No luck.  Tried reset pan and zoom, then went to manual cropping.  The cropping outline was not at the outer page edges where I would have expected it after the pan zoom reset.

So I deleted the entire database (including files) and then attempted to reset all settings to defaults, the program crashed, sent a report.  The count of songs loaded was about 590 when I cleared the database, if that helps.  Do you get that crash report or does it just go to Google?
I then loaded back in one song (a pdf, two pager, and have not added annotations).  Did the reset pan and zoom and checked crop outlines and they were at the page edges.  Next tried pinching and zooming but still get ramdom zoom in or out when I lift fingers from screen.

If at the Android app manager, I clear cache and data, will that effectively reset all settings?

I do have the non pro version on the tablet also.  I am letting both regular and Pro manage files and creating sub dirs for songs.

Cropping is separate from zooming/panning, so you would not see it change after doing the reset. I generally want users to rely on cropping more than zooming as it results in faster page rendering and is easier to use for removing margins.

I did get your crash report, and I released version 1.0.8 tonight which includes a fix for the issue you described. Clearing the cache and data does reset all settings, and is pretty much the same as uninstalling and reinstalling.

I'm still baffled by this problem though. Are any other users experiencing problems with pinch zooming?

Hi Mike

The pinch zoom issue seems fixed after loading 1.0.8 and resetting to default settings. Unfortunately I did not check before I reset defaults so we don't know which it was. I still have to reload the backup to get everything back but that will have to wait for this evening.

As a side note I first got MS Pro 1.0.1 and updated through all versions. It was 1.0.2 where I first loaded all my files. Been experimenting with it since.
It might be possible that some of the other weird happenings I've read on the forums, since release, might be related to settings storage space and clearing and reinitializing might benefit others.

Thanks for all of your work !

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