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Play Midi files instead audio files ?
Please excuse me, first of all my google translated English
When I select an audio file instead of a MIDI file I get no error. Would it be possible to send an ESI Midi Mate II Midi Interface prefabricated midi files to an external MIDI instrument? I think I am familiar with Midi very good and know a lot of musicians who would take this opportunity as an occasion to use Mobile Sheets.
I think that adding a midi sound engine to MSP is probably a step too far.

However, MSP can send midi commands, so why no use those to trigger an external engine?

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The open source library I use for sending MIDI commands does seem to have support for opening a MIDI file, and playing back the commands inside that file. In order to support this, I would need to add functionality to the audio player that would let it also control MIDI file playback (where instead of playing audio it's actually sending MIDI commands). I think this probably makes the most sense in terms of how the MIDI files would be handled in the UI. This is something I definitely want to add support for, but I can't give an exact timeline for it as there are a lot of other high priority things that need to be addressed.
Good Mike. I too would like a midi player in there. I presume what your intention is, is to have the midi stream to go out to a module, sampler?
I'm not sure how much I would like the player to do as far as editing. Obviously tempo, but key change or reassigning channels or midi note or hex editing?
I know it would get very complicated, but even a basic player would be useful and we can create it outside MS and attach to a song.
Thanks for this. For me, no hurry at all.
Is there any update to the request to play midi files as alternative to mp3 ?
I think for most users would be sufficient to select select  the midi-file and the prefered player to allow sending the midi-file 
to one of the many midi-compatible players on the pc like "Windows Media Player", "foobar 2000",  "Irfanview" etc.

Following below advice: 
I now use smart buttons on the score page to play midi or rmi files on the pc ,very easy and straight forward  Shy
If that is all you want, you can already accomplish that. Place a smart button on one of the pages of your song, select "Open File in External Application", and then select the file that you want to load in the external application. Note: this file must be under the storage location listed under Settings->Storage->Set MobileSheets Storage Location in order for MobileSheets to be able to access it, otherwise the OS won't allow it. Be aware that MobileSheets can only request that the OS load the file - it can't choose what application to load it in determine what applications are on the machine that can load it. So the file will be loaded by whatever application you have set as the default for midi files.

As a side note, this thread was to add the option to play back MIDI files to a connected MIDI device, not to play them back as an audio file. In order to play back a MIDI file as audio in the Windows 10 version, I will need to build my own MIDI synthesizer so that I can generate instrument sounds from each MIDI note that is in the file. A MIDI file itself has no audio information - it just has MIDI events like Note Down, Note Up, etc. So something has to read those and generate sound from it.

Maybe you can consider a field in the audio tab for an external audio player which can be chosen individually for songs (but hopefully could 
be batch edited) so with the use of the audioplayer play button the audiofile or in this case midi file is started without having to configure smart buttons for every song.
That sounds like a considerable amount of work to allow some audio files to be treated differently than other audio files, as it will cause chaos with how the normal processing works with the audio player in MobileSheets. It would also require more database changes and UI updates. I'd rather not go down that path. There are a lot of higher priority feature requests that I think would benefit more users over dedicating a lot of time to that. 

I enjoy using the very well-done MobileSheets app for Android. For me, the only missing point is a MIDI playback extension. Do you have any short-term projects to implement MIDI playback via USB or MIDI Bluetooth connections?

That extension would be great for practicing on my Clavinova piano. In particular, I would like to use my score and MIDI files for piano solo (generated with 2 MIDI channels) and piano duet (4 channels).

It should provide a repeat function based on bar number rather than on playback time. Moreover, it should implement a muting function for any MIDI channel combination with no restrictions (my Clavinova can only mute combinations of channels 1, 2, and all others jointly).

Thanks for any improvement in the MIDI playback.
It's going to be a bit before I can focus on MIDI enhancements such as that. I'm currently focused on finishing the iOS version of MobileSheets. Once that is finished, I can start working on enhancements such as this.

Is there any update about MIDI player enhancements?
I would support the request from Lorenzo.

Thanks for continuous improving your already very good app.

Hello Pavel,

There are no updates yet. This hasn't been raised as a higher priority than other enhancements and I'm working on finishing the iOS version of MobileSheets, song versioning and chord pro grids before continuing on to other requests such as this one. My focus later this year will be to start working off enhancement requests as fast as possible.


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