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Editing...& stamps
I'm just starting making some annotations and I find very difficult to position in right place the note over the sheet in the exact point, the problem is that the finger hides the sheet music making hard to position very well the note.

On iPhone, iPad and other devices there's a zoom over the text, should be possible to implement in MSP something like that in the future ? Or perphaps making an anchor point over the note letting it to be dragged in the right point without hiding the sheet music ?

Other question is about the Stamps: more often I've to add fingering over the sheet and I've to write a new text and position it in the right place, should be possible to add specific Stamps about the fingering (like 1,2,3,4,5) to be used over the sheet music ?

Final: will styles appear on MSP in the future ? I mean like styles in Microsoft Word, this way will be possible to define specific styles for specific needs, i.e. red color, 12 for fingering for left hand, blue color, 12 for fingering for right hand, 14 black color for numbering the measures...and so on.
Sad ...looking for a good Tablet....!!! Confused
OS ...to be determined !!! 
I started implementing a little preview zoom window, but didn't get the implementation quite right, so I removed it. I do plan on adding this back at some point. For now, you can easily move the notes to their correct location by using the nudge tool. Just tap the circle at the top left and enable the nudge tool, and you can hold the arrows to move the annotation in the direction required.

Stamps are going to be reworked in one of the next couple updates, which should provide a larger selection of higher quality stamps. Additionally, my goal is to let users provide their own stamps. Between these two, you should hopefully have what you need.

I also am planning on adding a concept of presets so that for each tool, you can quickly change the settings by selecting one of the presets from a dropdown. This is just like the styles in Microsoft.

Very very interesting, I didn't know about the nudge tool, I'll try it.

Thanks a lot Mike.
Sad ...looking for a good Tablet....!!! Confused
OS ...to be determined !!! 
I did not know about the nudge tool either (i did not even have the option on, to have it displayed when using the selection tool)

Just tried it. Works great!
I definitely do need to read that manual again :-)

Thanks for the tip Mike!
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I used yesterday with success the "nudge tool" however I think that the "preview zoom window" will be a better solution in daily use.
Sad ...looking for a good Tablet....!!! Confused
OS ...to be determined !!! 
the nudge tool sounds interesting. I'll have to try it. Strange that I didn't notice this feature in the manual.
Is it possible to suggest any drawing project of stamp to add to this library in an update version ?
For example when you place in a song any links to jump , mobile sheets pro place 2 blue colored round sticky label , next red.....
Is it possible to have a stamp to put in label an indication ?
Can you create a file we can open in any soft to add our own draws.
Thank you for help

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