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Major problems with 1.2.1 and new companion app
When I started up the companion app it said a new version was available, and I installed it. My tablets had MS pro 1.1.8 installed, which is incompatible with the new companion, so I went to the Google Play Store and updated them to 1.2.1.

Two rather serious problems for me (neither was present in 1.1.8):
  1. The companion app cannot delete songs! It "thinks" they are deleted (they disappear from the companion's song list), but they aren't deleted on the tablet. As I was deleting 30 songs, it was annoying to do it on the tablet, but at least that worked. (I then loaded new versions of 8 of those songs successfully.)
  2. The cropping of pages screwed up BIG TIME -- the clef and key signature was removed from every page! That, of course, makes it completely useless. After deleting them manually on the tablet, deselecting "Automatically crop pages" (in the companion Batch Upload) uploaded them as is, which is fine. All sources on the PC are PDFs.
Also with 1.1.8 I had occasional double page down-s, even though I had debouncing set to one second (and scroll to immediate). These were rare (once per hour or so), but devastating when they happened. They were NOT separated by a second, the double page down was instantaneous to my eye. I do not have experience with 1.2.1 to know if this still happens. FYI: I use the Bili Pro USB pedal with a Hannspree 13.3" tablet. I have two pedals and two tablets, and both pedals occasionally emit double characters from a single pedal press, so software debouncing is ESSENTIAL.

Tom Roberts
I've located the problem with #1. I have a fix in place. I'm going to continue gathering bug fixes and I'll push out another update to the companion. Thanks for your patience as I work through these issues.

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