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Half page turns
I have used a similar app on the iPad for a while. I am extremely pleased with MobileSheets. It is faster and quite featureful. I would gladly donate more money to support further development.

I read through the potential feature list and was happy to see some of the upcoming changes. I have one suggestion, and support for two listed upcoming features:

1. The iPad app I was using had a half-page turn option. You could set this for a specific page at a specific point on the page, and instead of going to the next page, it would overlay the top of the next page, preserving the bottom of the current. In this way, I don't have pedal-delay terrors. I don't want it for every page, just certain ones; other page turns would be full, as usual. I think this is different than the proposed half-page feature request, but maybe I'm mistaken.

2. I echo support for cropping. Zooming is a great option for now, as long as I edit my pdfs before importing them.

3. I am also in support of two page mode in landscape, although I am fine with lower priority on this one.

Thanks again for producing such a quality app. The companion app makes things so easy, and can I say again how impressed I am with the responsiveness of page turns? I use air-turn pedals, and there is a slight delay compared to touching the screen, but I attribute that to something external to MobileSheets. Page turns by touching the screen are blazing fast!
Thanks for the feedback.

1) I'd love to support this in the future. I think it will be very do-able with the new architecture I'm working on for the displaying of scores. It may be a couple updates before I can start focusing on it though.

2) This is coming in the next update.

3) Also coming in the next update.

Hopefully everyone will like what's coming. I'm working on it whenever I can, which isn't as much as I'd like, but maybe one day it could be full time...


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