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cropping gone - Help!
I have a 265 page song, and having unsuccessfully tried to export this as a .pdf and given up, I've discovered that all the cropping for the entire song is gone. Help, please!!!!

Can you provide a little more information about what you were trying to do before the cropping was removed? Were you just using the Share->Export files option, or were you writing annotations to file?

Mike, I tried both. First, I tried to export the file (with annotations) to dropbox. That failed. I then made a copy of the file and wrote the annotation to the file, after which I tried to export that file as well. That failed, so I tried to save to Google Drive, but never got that together either. I decided to give up. I then rebooted the tablet/computer and loaded the original. Here I discovered that all the cropping was gone. I checked some other, older versions of the file and noticed the cropping was gone there as well. Don't know if it has anything to do with it but I had updated MSP to the newest version before all the fun and games started. Ugh ?
Why did the export to Dropbox fail? I just tried this with version 1.4.3 and had absolutely no problems. I'm assuming you were exporting a PDF to Dropbox, correct? When you made a copy of the file, do you mean a copy of the song, or did you actually copy the file and make a new song from it? If you just did the former, writing annotations to file would have overwritten the file used by both songs. I also just verified that exporting to Google Drive worked for me. Did you get a similar error with this as you did with Dropbox? They use almost identical code, so I would assume so.

Writing the annotations to file shouldn't have removed MS Pro cropping, as the cropping is independent from the annotations. That is definitely a mystery to me. The only thing that makes sense to me is if you somehow modified the original file, MS Pro would have scanned for changes, and if the file dimensons changed so that the previous crop was outside the dimensions of the new file, it would hav been cleared.

Mike, something else: I was able to find a file that kept it's cropping, but now I can't enter edit mode...with anything :-(
trying to narrow down the problem: 1 finger tap is working, 3 fingered tap is screwed up for some reason.
correction, 3 finger tap works like once out of every 50 tries.
Mike, here's the result of my trouble-shooting:
- I was able to re-adjust the crop setting for the entire file...why the crop settings were changed is a complete mystery.
- 3 finger tap has just stopped working completely. I've gotten arround that by changing the touch settings to one center tap to enter annotations. As I'm working in 2 page mode, it always opens the left of the two open pages into edit mode even if I want to edit the right page, but it's easy enough to tap the right arrow button to forward to the correct page, if necessary.
- AND NOW... get this, some of the songs in my songlist (different versions of the same song) have random white pen annotations messily covering up parts of the score. Yes, you read that correctly. It's actually added random annotatons. They are, after trial-and-error selecting, possible to delete. Time consuming, for sure. I swear, even I couldn't make this up :-)

To answer your earlier questions to the best of my ability...
- I selected a song, held the name to select it, then choose copy song, gave it a new name and the new song appeared in the song list. This is the correct way to copy and produce a new song, right?
- When trying to export a song with annotations as a .pdf to dropbox, I did the following:
selected the song, choose export, then checked all available options (with the exception of audio files as there aren't any), choose the dropbox icon as location, navigated to the root folder of my dropbox account and initiated the export.
It appeared to start the export (I believe it stated so) but after a couple of minutes, MSP quit. I checked my dropbox directory but nothing at all was there. Does the fact that the song to be exported with annotations (as a .pdf) was close to 60 mb make any difference?

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