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setlists and pdfs with multiple songs
My problem:
Almost all songs I would include in my setlists are in fakebooks containing multiple songs. 
Unless I have overlooked something, MS regards a song as a pdf. 
Most of the songs in my fakebooks are one page in length. 

Could MS be made able to fetch a given single page out of a pdf file? 

If so, then could MS be extended to handle something like the following structure of an item in a setlist? 

Either the current syntax:

or a new alternative syntax:
songTitle delimiter bookTitle delimiter pageNumber 

example: Donna Lee;Real Book I;136

I would think it reasonable to have to abbreviate in order to meet a length limit for the whole expression, e.g.,

I would leap for joy to have this capability!
Check out snippets. You can use them to specify a specific song in a multisong pdf and put the pages in any order. The song title you specify in the snippet is added to the main library and can be managed like any single song pdf. Snippets tool can be found in the overlay on the bottom left triangle in a circle icon. Bookmarks may work as well.
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Also look at the CSV functionality. This is being used to split up large PDFs (as can be seen on the forums) to great effect. The little example you provided is very close to what needs to go into the CSV file for each song you want to create. It just takes a little work beforehand to enter those into a single file, and then MobileSheetsPro can very quickly create all of the songs you entered.
Spencer, you're in for a treat, because you will most likely discover many useful features MSP has you haven't thought as of yet.

As Mike and Skip already said, MSP already does exactly what you want. In the past there has been a big discussion of the benefits of maintaining single PDFs for each individual song or PDF collections for your archive. Thankfully Mike provided a way to keep PDF collections and reference the content as individual songs and entries for MSP.

Essentially you just reference the pages in the PDF you want to be shown as title/song and you can repeat that for all individual entries without the need to duplicate or split the PDF itself. Snippets is one way to create your song entries. CSV the other, much prefered way, if you want to add multiple or all entries from an entry at once.

Just look for the CSV topics in the forum and also the threads by itsme with (almost) ready to use CSVs for some fakebooks.
Oh gosh. I already copied almost 1000 filenames and split two fakebooks using an Apple script. Hey it was fun. I'm retired, so who cares? Not me. 

I like snippets better, at least for next time, which just happened along today. I got another big book in a PDF and started using snippets. It works great!

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