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Update Wiped ALL of My Songs!
That's what I mean though - if I drag & drop a file into the companion and create a song, it shows up on the setlists tab in the companion for me. I have no idea why that isn't working for you... I'll study the code some more.

Okay, importing multiple files doesn't seem to work right. Importing a single file does. I'll get it fixed shortly.
Dammit. Installed the update, disconnected from Comp. Pro -- WIPED MY LIBRARY YET AGAIN.

This is becoming quite frustrating, to say the least.
Ok, here's some more:

Once again, used my previous backup from a month ago. Removing songs from a setlist via the app (not the Companion). Only lets me remove some, and I get this error: "". Unable to remove song [song name here] due to database error. A reinstall may be required."  --  What??? Via the companion, there are no songs on this particular setlist. 

Also, I had to add the songs I needed last week again, and it asked me if I wanted to overwrite the previous one. So, did it wipe my database or didn't it? These songs were not on here last month during the backup.
What kind of device are you using Psychotronic? I've never lost my database after disconnecting the companion, and I've tested it with eight devices for years. There must be something unique about your device or network configuration, as I have no idea how to reproduce that problem. If I create a fake test where the disconnect happens at the worst time, my library is automatically recovered (as I wrote a lot of code for just that purpose). The only thing that makes sense is that the database file that is created by the companion app is being considered corrupted by the tablet for some reason, which could happen if you are using a tablet which is using an unusual version of SQLite. You can recover the database quickly using the "restore automatic database backup" feature, right?

Based upon the errors you are seeing, there does seem to be kind of unusual errors in your library. If you want me to take a look at one of your backups, I can see if I also encounter those problems. I can also check the integrity of your database file (if there is partial corruption, it could explain why you are encountering errors so often).

As for the conflict message you saw, that just means the song files are still present on the tablet. When you lose your library, it just means the database file is being deleted - not that the song files are being deleted.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, GT-N8013. Android version 4.1.2. This tablet is coming up on 4 years old now.

How would you like to see my backup? Should I do another backup of my d/b?
I don't know if it makes a difference or not but are you using a pc or mac for companion pro?
Dell Latitude 13.5" 2-in-1 Ubuntu/Win 11
Samsung Note Pro SM-P900 12.2 Android 5.0.2
Samsung S7+, Android 12
PC. Win 10.
If you can send me your backup file (or upload it to Dropbox) that would help a lot. Send the file or link to mike@zubersoft.com, or pm me in the forums.

Link sent. Sorry for the delay!
I'm currently at a location with no wi-fi (I'm just using my cell phone as a hotspot), so I won't be able to download the backup file until I get home on Sunday. I'll start looking into this then.

No sweat, thanks, Mike!
I've been using your backup file, and I'm not encountering any errors with setlists or with the companion app. Is there a particular setlist I should be editing to see the error you saw? It would also help to know how you are disconnecting (clicking the X on the companion app window, using Connection->Disconnect, or tapping the disconnect button on the tablet).
Since I've been using this particular backup, I've encountered no issues at all. I always disconnect using the disconnect button on the app.

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