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Additional trigger as new feature within MIDI settings
Dear Mike could you consider a new feature within MIDI settings?
I mean settings which could works like a break during sending MIDI message (Send On Song Load) to the Korg keyboard (Songbook).
Such solution could give end user possibility to open next text for song to play before ending currently being played.
Sending MIDI settings to from MSPro to Keyboard could happen by using "the trigger", which could have been available from Floating Toolbar as an additional icon.

What is such solution for?
I am one man band keyboardzist. Sometimes before I finish Song 1 perform, I am looking for the next song using search feature of the tablet and when I open Song 2 by accident “Send On Song Load” change instrument settings what is very unwanted.

Above settings could be personalized.
My goal is to implement things similar to link points that you can tap to trigger actions. One of those supported actions would be to send a midi command. Obviously this is a fairly complex feature as I would have to add a lot of UIs to configure all of the various actions that I could potentially support. I think this would meet your needs as you could just insert one of these touchable buttons (not sure what I'm going to call them yet) and tap it when you are ready to send the MIDI command. Let me know if this will work for you.
Such solution looks very promising. I am for.

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