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Multiple Song-Edit

selecting more than 1 song (sometimes a whole bunch, say 50) and then applying an existing group value (say a specific Collection) doesn´t seem to work in the Windows version.
It only works when the group value is newly added to the group during the edit process. 
Selecting an existing value is completely ignored after the click on OK.
Means I´d have to edit 50 songs individually instead of in one batch.  
The selected songs have the same values (or none at all) in that group prior to the edit attempt.

Okay, I'll get it fixed for the next update.

I can't seem to reproduce this problem. I first created a new Collection called "Test". I then selected 22 songs, tapped "Edit", then typed "T" into Collections and clicked on "Test" from the autocompletion dropdown. Test was inserted, and Collections was checked on the side. I then tapped "OK", the edits were made, I went to the Collections tab, looked at Test, and all of my songs were in it as expected. What piece am I missing?

I think I know what you might be doing, but correct me if I'm wrong. If I use the dropdown to select entries on the popup dialog, then tap OK, "Collections" isn't checked on the left side, meaning it won't be applied to the selected songs. If you manually check this, then it works. I'll fix it so that the field is checked properly if the separate dialog is used to select values.
Thanks Mike, I never ticked the check box left of the group, but will until you implemented the "auto-check" when a value is selected from the LOV.

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