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Pedal action enhancement
After great MIDI upgrade I use one of my keyboard pedals to "Activate next link or go to next page". Would it be possible to add settings that after last page is shown (or last link on last page) and the message "End of Song" appears the next pedal press would return us to library to pick next song? The "End of Song" message could change to "End of Song, press once again to return to library". I would like to have this option because I want to simplify my setup so I can use only one pedal for controlling MobileSheets. It might also work with just "Go To Next Page" or "Activate Next Link" options if someone find it usefull.

Tablet: Surface Pro 6, 
Other: Strich BT-FP2, USB-MIDI connection to Kurzweil Forte 7
I had asked for something like this. Except in a set list, I don't want the pedal to move me to the next song (by accident). While I use the pedal to change pages within a song, I only use the touch screen (not the pedal) to change to the next song in the set list.


So, I had asked that, when I try to exit the song (to got to the next one in the set list by touching the screen), I would get a prompt (In my case it would usually be "FIX TRANSPOSE"). So, it would force you to click again to get rid of it to remind me to fix transpose for the next song.

It seemed there was not much interest from anyone else.

So, now I just insert a FIX TRANSPOSE window that opens up on the next song in the set list. The downside of this is it has to be modified for each set list (because it is after the song that requires me to change the transpose settings on my piano keyboard).

But, since I was suggesting very similar I figured I would add to this to your post, in case Mike takes this up.

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