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Other Settings, Clear Library, "crash"

In the Windows version I tried to delete library and all files, via the "Other Settings, Clear Library" option.
The waiting screen stayed on forever (as in forever) so I terminated Mobilesheets via Task Manager.
The library was still fully there upon new start, incl. info on the audio files, but the files couldn´t be opened anymore, so the delete action was successful apparently.
A new attempt, with "Delete all song files" unticked removed the library. 
It should work in one go obviously (Android's fine).

It takes a very long time on Windows to delete all of the files due to the API used for accessing files in UWP applications. If you have a large library with several gigabytes of files, clearing them through the app may take a considerable amount of time. You'd be better off manually deleting the storage location files yourself (including the database file) as you can do that relatively quickly. Depending upon how long you were waiting, it's possible there was an error in MobileSheets, but you may just be used to how much faster it is in the Android version due to the ability to directly access files and delete them.

I tried a new deletion of the library, this time with more patience, and it works.
About 20 minutes to clear the 2000 songs with its pdfs and audio file, MSP has to stay the active Window, so no other occupation on the notebook during this time. I made a restore of the last Windows .msb file, this works. The somewhat more recent android .msb, with exactly the same songs, skips > 150 songs.

On older "computer systems", it was much much quicker to clear a folder by deleting the files in reverse order because this meant there was no need to keep rewriting the complete directory as each file was deleted (the OS could just truncate the directory size each time).

I've no idea if this still applies to the latest versions of windows (or perhaps windows on a tablet) but it might be worth testing.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6

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