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Anybody Using Guitar Tab Annotations?
I really appreciate this product!

Just coming from a giant 3 ring binder that wears out every year to a Surface Book (Win 10) with this app and it is working really well for me.

Using the old school paper and pen method, I would sometimes write out a little guitar tab to remind me of how I played a riff etc. In MobileSheets, I haven't found a slick way of doing this. I'm wondering if I'm missing something or if anyone could suggest a good way of doing this.

I could write it as an annotation freehand with a stylus but I like the neatness of using some of the other tools in the app. Last night I tried drawing a 6 line "tab staff" with the straight line tool and then stacking text annotations over the top but that was a little awkward when trying to copy some of the fingerings to paste them elsewhere. I'd often select a line unintentionally. Maybe a 5 line staff stamp would work. I'll try stacking text onto one of those to see how that works but wonder if I will have a similar issue of selecting the stamp when I don't want to.

Another idea I had but do not think is possible was to paste a screen clip of a tab I had created somewhere else (or any other image) and simply pasting it the .pdf song sheet. 

If anyone has any ideas on how I might add a guitar tab to my music, I will appreciate the input. Thanks

EDIT: I this moved from Android section since I am on 10.

If you use an external PDF editor like Adobe Acrobat, then you can certainly paste images into the PDF. It's definitely difficult to build something like what you are describing in MobileSheets. Perhaps in the future I can add support for generating guitar tablature as an image that you can insert on a page.

I handle it a couple of different ways. For short things or on the fly, I write it out either with just the pen edits or one of the staff stamp options. I've also used the text editor box to type in the tab. If it's in-depth tab, I'll put the whole thing in a CHO file with the tab reminders just before or after the associated chart.

Each way works fine, just depends on how quickly I need the tab added to the file and how in depth it is.
Thanks for the input Mike and DR.

I tried using a staff stamp but had the same difficulty in being able to select the text vs the stamp or lines. I also prefer the high res look of the self drawn straight line vs the stamp. Either method gets the job done although a dedicated tool would be even better.

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