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Cropping current page only
I can't get the cropping to apply to only the page I cropped, even though I tap the circle for current page only.  It has worked before for me, but I can't figure out why I can't get it to work now. ?
And it's weird that I'm having the opposite problem with the next file I'm working with.  It is only cropping one page at a time, even though I'm tapping the circle ffor "apply to all pages"
Please check something for me: if you go into the cropping editor and tap "Apply To", what does it show? If it shows something other than "Current Page Only", tap "Current Page Only" then tap OK to exit the editor. Now go back into the editor and tap "Apply To" again. It should have kept your last selection. If it doesn't, let me know. Assuming it is properly keeping your selection, if you now try to crop just one page of a particular song, what is it doing? Is it cropping every page of the song?

The "Apply To" setting must be changed before you start changing the cropping. It basically indicates what each cropping action from that point will affect. It does not apply your current cropping amount to the selection you make (i.e. if you crop the page and then tap "Apply To: Current Page Only" it doesn't only apply the cropping to the current page as you've already changed the cropping for all the pages). This seems to be confusing users though, so I will have to change the wording. I think "Apply To" is confusing as that same action in other parts of the application immediately does something. Perhaps I will change it to "Settings" and then create a dropdown for that, sort of like the "Apply To" options for zooming and panning.

That cleared at up for me, and now it is working fine! Thanks very much, and sorry for my delay in responding. I thought it was going to send me an email to let me know I had gotten an answer, but i didnt get one.  Your idea for changing the wording sounds like it will prevent confusion like I had.

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