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Glitch with new MSP Companion
I notate tunes on an A4 (portrait) page and save a copy as a PDF file in A5 (landscape) to import into MSP.  Sometimes this incorporates a blank A5 page, which I correct by opening the file in Companion and deleting the unwanted blanks, simply leaving the page numbers that I want to retain.  It's worked fine up to now.   I've just installed the new MSP Companion, and when I carry out this procedure, it not only doesn't remove the unwanted page(s) but it closes the programme completely.   This has now happened 5 times in succession, so it looks as though there's an anomaly.  Could you advise, Mike?
I will work on trying to reproduce the problem. If I can reproduce it, I'll get a fix in place ASAP. If not, I'll need to come back to you for more questions.

Bazza, I don't know your workflow and if you have a couple of PDFs with blank pages it might be more convenient to you to edit them with the companion.

Also it is always possible to delete empty pages from a PDF with one of the many PDF tools available, of course.

But are you actually aware that you can do the same edit you did on the companion (your needed pages) pretty easy on the tablet with the edit menu?
No need to connect to a PC or transfer the database there and back, just a quick edit when you discover a blank page after an import.
BRX - thanks for this: I am a bear of very simple brain, and only do very basic things with MSP/Companion, so haven't explored most of the functions that have been added since I started using it.  However, following your tip, I've dobbed a few icons and found the editing facility and seen how to remove redundant pages on the tablet. 

I'd still like to be able to do it when loading tunes from the PC to MSP using Companion since I'm sort of at home with that procedure, and I quite often load several files at one session and like to check them as they get included in the library.
Any luck with the MSP Companion, Mike?  I found the same snag yesterday when trying to remove blank pages from a file, using the 'Pages' box on the Companion screen: the programme closed itself.
A consequential query:

In trying once more to find the on-tablet means of editing a file (to remove a blank page) I seem to have tapped something inappropriate and changed the behaviour of the tablet.  Now, a tap in the centre of the screen - which used to bring up a number of icons with various options - simply changes the on-screen image from page 1 of the file to page 2 (the blank one).   I've checked the manual and can't see how to recover the previous centre-tap facility, and I still can't re-discover the means of removing an unwanted page. 

Can anyone advise how to (a) regain access to the icons for the editing options, etc.? and (b) remind me how to rediscover the method of editing out a blank page?
Page changes are hardcoded to the left and right side of the screen. Maybe you need to calibrate your screen if tapping in the middle changes pages? That's a device thing then, not a MSP thing.

Also try a long press in the middle. 

You can change the action of tapping and long pressing certain areas in the preferences/settings. It's under Touch & Pedal Settings / Touch Actions.

Maybe you changed something there so the behaviour is now different. 

It can be any of the things above or something different. Probably the problem is before the screen. ;-) (sorry)
Thanks for trying to help, BRX.  Turned everything off and on again. Tried the long press in the middle: no result  Checked the Touch & Pedal Settings options: they don't refer to the central tapping area at all - which the manual says is where the various editing icons can be summoned.  I think you may be right in that this problem is with the tablet rather than MSP.  (I've also noticed that the 'sliding two fingers while squeezing them together' action doesn't compress/expand the image - which also suggests a tablet problem).

This leaves me with two challenges: the original one of how to use the 'Page order' box in the Companion screen to remove unwanted pages (since I can't access on-tablet editing), and the new one of how to get an Acer B3-A40 tablet to behave properly.  Ideas welcome.
Check you haven't accidentally turned performance mode on (this disables the icons)

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
After a bit more random tapping, one of the above problems is solved. It turns out that I'd accidentally touched the 'padlock' icon on the small panel on the library list (lower right) thus enabling 'performance mode' and disabling the 'overlay' - wherein lie all the icons for editing, etc.   So that snag was actually solvable within MSP. 

So  . .  back to the original Q: what's the process for editing out blank pages in a file, using the on-tablet functions?  Can anyone remind me, please?

(Sorry to be a bother, but as apps/programmes became more function-rich and sophisticated, some of us can't keep abreast of al the detail)
Thanks, Geoff: our notes crossed in the post, but you had spotted my mistake.
Don't use it myself but
1) long press a song title (in one of the lists) until it is checked
2) Edit Song (on top menu)
3) Files tab
4) change the page order to omit the page(s) you don't want. e.g change 1-3 to 1,3 to omit page 2

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
Thanks Geoff!  The key step I'd missed was the long press on the title to bring up the other functions.  I'll remember that.
I haven't looked into this issue yet - it's next up on my list.
I've fixed the bug and will include it with the next update which I'm aiming to release tomorrow.


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