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How name other custom field?
Now that I'm getting deeper into MS, I configured through the Companian/Desktop program to show the two optional "custom" (custom1 and custom) fields, and called one "hard" (as in, how hard or soft is the track). I didn't find a way to edit the name of the other. 

On the tablet, I now have a field called "hard," but the other is still called "custom" and I don't see a way to edit its name there, either. 

Is there a way to name the other custom field?

Now that I have created "hard" I see in the Companion/Desktop app that there is a new custom field called "Custom 2"
The custom text fields can't be renamed at the moment. I can consider adding an option to rename them at some point, but it will definitely ripple across many parts of the application.

The possibility to rename the custom fields would be very welcome.
And I see the need for more custom fields and more custom groups.
Please note the general difference between the text fields Custom and Custom 2 and the Custom Group
It's not only that the text fields cannot be renamed. Their content has to be entered individually for every song that should use it. The Custom Group creates a selection list and is handled similar to MSPs native groups like Albums, Genres, Composers ...
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For what it's worth, I would also like to be able to rename the Custom fields, as well as the Custom group. 

In addition (although I guess this might really be a separate feature request), I would like the custom fields to display a list populated with existing values, just like other fields such as artist, composer, album, years, etc. This would be very valuable in helping to maintain the consistency of the data entered.

Many thanks.....
I think this is related. I am looking for a way to edit one of the existing values in one of the fields. I have used it in several songs, and would like it to be spelled correctly. My recent workaround was to list all the songs with that value, add the new value to each of them, and then in one song that had only that value, use the trash can to delete it. 

I see that I have a field called "Dance". I don't think that came with the system. Did I add it, or did I rename an existing field to be that? It comes up in the search filter selection list, and I am able to add values. I'm wondering what the point of the system having a field called Custom would be if I was able to add my own custom field with the name I wanted. Wouldn't that have been the solution for the original requester? I just don't remember how I did that.
Wendy Cutler
Well currently MSP provides 1 custom group and 2 custom fields.  You can rename the custom group to your liking in the library settings. The custom fields can't be renamed AFAIK. So you probably renamed the custom group in the settings?

It's one of the oldest feature requests here for Mike to provide more custom (and customizable) groups and fields and he will get to that in time. :-)

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