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Bluetooth page turning on W10 Surface Pro
Probably this isn't MSP but more W10 or even device specific, so:

Is anybody using a BT page turner with MSP on a Surface Pro?

I'm using an ABShutter which works fine with Android.

But on W10/Surface each page turn causes a popup with some kind of battery (?) sign 
in the left corner which covers the notes I want and have to read for a few seconds.
And sometimes it's not only this pop up but an even bigger one right next to it
which seems to be generated by MSP right next to the "battery" with back and
forward navigation icons which also disappears after a few seconds and covers 
even more notes.

I want my page turns without popups and unobscured of course.

Mike or anybody else knows what these are and how to switch them off?
I've used used two different PageFlip BT page turner models with MSP on my Surface Pro (4) and do not experience that on-screen indicator "feature".
Is it related to the Surface now showing battery levels for certain accessories?: https://www.windowscentral.com/surface-a...ccessories

Perhaps you can disable that.

I'll have to check that. Indeed I have a BT Pen which might be responsible. But it's not that alone.

I'm attaching a scan so you can see what occurs on my screen. As I said I'm using an ABShutter (which 
is one of these cheap BT controllers for smartphone cameras) which has two buttons.

The first one sends a BT signal which is shown in the pedal settings is shown als "Enter". The second
one sends something that is recognized as "175". I assigned next page and previous page to them.

The Enter signal works without any notifications. But each time I'm using "175" there's the battery notification
als well as a MSP navigation panel as can be seen in the screenshot.

Maybe this information enables you to see what's happening here?

For now I switched my buttons so I can browse forward to the next page without notifications with the "Enter button".
But it would be nice if I can switch the notification off somehow also for the other button and get rid of them.

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It turns out it's a Windows 10 feature. Whenever a keyboard is used (which includes bluetooth HID devices like pedals) that has media controls on it, that overlay will pop up if the focused application supports it. I'm using Microsoft's audio library, so of course they automatically enable that with no way to disable it. As far as I can tell, the only option for disabling it is to download a third party open source application called HideVolumeOSD. 

Having said that, I'm currently working on integrating a new backend for the audio player (Superpowered Audio) which wouldn't have the same problem. So if you want to wait for that, we can see if that addresses the problem.

I wasn't even aware that was a volume indicator.

That was a good suggestion with the hide app. It solved the problem beautifully.
Happy to help!

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