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Library Search Malfunction ?

I'm currently editing the setlists with the companion. This works very good and very fast.

Adding songs from the Library Box works without any problems.

Now I have the problem that after deleting some single songs from the group box, suddenly the library search function by entering the song names in the search field no longer works. Although you can enter letters and numbers in the input field, in the box below remain the entries of the previous search. No new songs will be displayed.

What can this cause?
Now I have made a backup of the data of the tablet and transfered the data to a second device, to my phone via Restore. Both devices have KitKat 4.4.2

However, the error associated with Companion only occurs on the Galaxy Tab 3 not on the phone. The library search function doesn't have problems on the phone.

With the tablet, the function can only be reactivated when I connect the tablet again via WLAN with Companion . . .
I'll have to see if I can reproduce this problem. I'll probably have additional questions if I'm unable to reproduce what you are describing.

I'm not sure if this is the same problem reported above, but I have found a snag in the process of creating a set list using the Companion app with my PC. 

Formerly I would create the set list title (typically a pair of tunes: say, 'Ryan's Reel / O'Malley's Reel') and then use the 'Search' box to identify the tunes from the library to be put into the set list.  However, the search facility no longer works, in that it fails to narrow down the library list to those titles that match the spelling I enter.   I therefore trawl through the entire library to find and select the required tune - so for this purpose, there might as well not be a 'search' function. 

It used to work perfectly well. Has something changed that now frustrates the 'search' process within the 'Setlist' tab?
Maybe you have a filter activated? Try to clear them with the x button on the right and see if it makes a difference.
I'm not aware of any problems with the searching in the companion app as I haven't changed that code in a very long time, but I'll look into that when time allows.

(09-12-2018, 01:29 AM)BRX Wrote: Maybe you have a filter activated? Try to clear them with the x button on the right and see if it makes a difference.
BRX: Thanks for the suggestion:  the only thing that indicates filters being activated is the box to select 'All fields /names . . . etc., (set to 'All fields') and the only x button I see is the one that simply removes my search term from the search box.   The search facility seems to work fine within the 'Songs' tab, but doesn't function at all within the 'Setlist' tab.  I'm sure it used to, so unless I'm doing something wrong (highly possible, of course) there has been a change in this function.
Disregard that last posting!  I've just tried it again, and the 'search' function seems to working within the 'Setlist' tab.  Not sure what the snag was, but o.k now.
I have had the same issue on an irregular basis.

I'm in the Companion app and editing a set list, and everything works.

Then I do something else, e.g. go into the Songs tab and open a tune to check the PDF, then I go back to the Setlists tab, and the Search box no longer works. I can enter text or change text, but the results below do not work.

Next I told the tablet to disconnect and then to reconnect, and now the set list search works again.

I have not quite figured out yet how to reliably reproduce it...

And I probably should put this into a new thread, but it's related, so I'll at least ask what I should do with this request:

In the Setlists tab in the Companion, I'd love a way to filter the content of the Library screen by Collections. When I create a set list, it's typically for a specific band (which I filter through Collections), and being able to only show tunes from the one or multiple Collections would be super useful.
I have a fix in place for this - I've just been waiting until the next round of updates to release it. If you need a earlier fix, let me know and I can upload a build for you.

As for your request, I can certainly consider adding features to support that in the future, but my advice for now would be to filter based upon collection on the main library screen, then right-click on the songs and add them to an existing setlist that way. I have a little too much work on my plate right now to work on adding that kind of functionality at the moment.


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